Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Have, Be or Do... Anything that You Desire?

When somebody makes a statement as BOLD as, In this life You CAN Have, Be or Do, Anything that You Desire. That person better be ready to defend themselves against, every Nay-Sayer, Pessimist, Glass Half Full'r and 2/3rds of the Universe! It's alright if, at first, you find this statement hard to believe. I won't hold it against you. I too almost found it impossible to comprehend when I first ran across this concept almost 24yrs ago. All I will ask is that you finish reading this blog... then decide. Good?

Can you remember back to your first bike or skate board? Do you remember wondering how you were ever going to learn the skill of balance, so that you could ride with the wind in your hair. Can you remember back to your first day in Algebra class? I can! I remember that I had just finished mastering the skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Mysteriously, I got through Algebra, and in doing so I moved on to Calculus. When I got to Calculus I found it a bit foreign and abstract. Truthfully, I was not very good at it. In fact, I struggled!! But, I wanted to earn my Bachelors Degree in Engineering and therefore I had few choice's. I could either figure out a way to master the principles of Calculus or I could watch my dreams of becoming an Engineer wash away. In your life, to Have, Be or Do, Anything that YOU Desire - is absolutely no different than learning to balance as you rode your bike or my mastering the principles of Calculus and Yes, earn my Bachelors Degree in Engineering. So let's break it down...

The starting point of ALL achievement is Desire. One single thought is all it takes! That's right - Your Desire or Dream is just One thought Away. At this point, it becomes important for you to realize that, thoughts are things. These thoughts, are things that You control. We started with fun things, fun thoughts... I want to learn to ride a bike. I want to learn to ride a skate board. We moved on to mind expanding things... I want to learn a foreign language, I want to be the valedictorian of my class. We might have athletic thoughts... I want to be the fastest 200 Butterflier at Junior Olympics - you can have this thought just as easy as you can have the following thought, - I want to be the World Record Holder in the 200 Butterfly. Having trouble believing that it is this simple to Have, Be or Do, Anything that You Desire? Remember this; Michel Phelps had one thought - I want to earn 8 Gold Medals at the 2008 Olympic Games. This is what Michael wanted to Have, Be, or Do - I'd say he did pretty well.

The beauty of your Desires and Dreams is that thinking never ends. We can advance our thoughts to career things... I want to Be the first person in my family to earn a Law Degree from Harvard, I want to learn great entrepreneurial skills from Stanford University, I want to learn to Be a great Mother/Father. Maybe your Dreams become financial; I want to Have an annual net income of $150,000, or I want to Do $10 million dollars in product sales, How about - I want to Have a business of my own, where I give excellent customer service.

Can you see how easy it really is to Have, Be, or Do, Anything that You Desire? To get started... all you have to do is... THINK! Afraid to start thinking? Don't be afraid - the universe will support your thoughts. Besides you were made to think. The ability to think and reason is what separates humans from all the other creatures on the face of the earth. So, start being human and start thinking - grab a tablet, or create a word file titled DREAMS, or start a journal and start writing these thoughts down. Don't freak out when you start thinking about how - Just keep thinking, and keep writing - we'll take care of how later - First, WHAT!

I encourage you to please, post you Desire or Dream in the comment box. We'll then take that Desire and work on making that Thought, Your Reality!

RECAP: At any given time, you must simply know what You want. You must have one thought, that is what You want to Have, Be or Do! You get started by simply writing down your desire(s).

Closing words of encouragement...
"First have a Dream. And by a Dream, I mean a day-dream - A glorious, wonderful, day-dream. Then ask yourself, what would it be like if it were true? That I am now the man (person) I am dreaming I would like to be. What would it be like... Then catch the mood of this wish fulfilled and drench yourself with that feeling!" -Neville Goddard, 1905-1972.

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