Sunday, July 25, 2010

Who, What, Where, How: Let's Get Started!

My interest in Highest Human Potential began at an early age, as an athlete. My inspiration to understand potential came from my Olympic teammates, Sandy Neilsen-Bell and Jill Sterkel and the number of others who had achieved the level of National and International swimming competition. The burning question at this point was; what made them so special at such an early age?

-- Was it Genetics, Family Environment, Education, or Privilege of Community?

As I entered the working world, it didn't take me long to recognize that I had been blessed with an uncommon balance of humility and strong professional will. Even today, these virtues remain as recognizable personal traits. So what drove me to successfully lead $6million project by the age of 25. How did I navigate the career path from Manufacturing, to Engineering, to Product Management? to Sales Management?

-- Was it Fear of Failure, Just a Stroke of Luck, or Genius of Thought?

And, years later as a Sales Manager, how was I able to move my Sales Team from its’ #87 national ranking to its’ #9 position in less than twelve months. How was it that I had developed 6 of the Top 15 sales people from a national sales force of 1000+.

-- Was it an Abrasive Management Style, Aggressive Sales Techniques or Luck of the Economy?

What universal force, lead my wife and I to move 1100 miles from family. While that same force was leading a 16 year old to move 300 miles from his family and to deliver him to my doorstep in order to full-fill his dream of a college education. You see, my wife and I don’t have any children of our own. So, how was it that we should end up with Senior in High School calling us Mom and Dad?

-- Was it Financial Necessity, a Random Act of Kindness, or Some Sort of Divine Joke?

The answer to these questions is what this blog is all about. So, Let's Get Started.

We should realize that each life has a major purpose and that each Human is called to deliver that purpose. Indeed, we all have greatness within us! I have accepted as my major purpose in life; the advancement and promotion of Highest Human Potential. You, have before you, your entire life, through this blog you will have the opportunity to deliver your greatness. The simple fact that you found this blog is enough to tell me that we share a common goal. That common goal is Highest Human Potential. So the question is, can Highest Human Potential be taught? Just like teaching reading, or writing, or algebra? The answer is yes!

The steps to achieve your Highest Human Potential are as teachable as learning to walk or ride a bike. My intention is to simply teach you –HOW! I should take a moment to fore-warn you that, like riding a bike, you might fall once or twice during the learning process. What I am saying here is, if you are looking for some sort of miracle or a magic formula which leads to over night success, you will have to look somewhere else… I regret to inform you that after 30+ years of searching for an easy way... that there are no elevators to achieving your Highest Human Potential – Yes, You will have to take the stairs.

The most promising note for you in this first blog is-- the achievement of Your Highest Human Potential is not limited by age, or level of education, or gender, or privilege of community. I should also note that in the achievement of your Highest Human Potential there is no room for being abrasive, or for aggressively dooping somebody for a buck. We can also leave Luck and Fear out of the equation.

The first order of business is for you to understand one very simple concept: In this Life You CAN Have, Be or Do Anything that you Desire!

I look forward to your subscription – I invite you to stay for a while!

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