Sunday, March 25, 2012

There are No Elevators to Success...

Do you find yourself looking for a shortcut to the reach the top of the ladder?  Are you thinking that you can find the elevator... if you just keep looking?

You're not alone...  near 95% of us suffer from this elevator mentality.  It doesn't matter if you are trying to shed a few pounds, start business, parent your children or reconstruct a relationship. We keep looking for the elevator in hopes that our pursuit of life ambitions will be easier.  You have to come to the realization that in your search to find an easier way, you are making things worse. The problem is that your elevator mentality is crushing your confidence and paralyzing the actions that you must take to truly achieve your success.  Come On - You deserve  better than this!!

So let's face our reality -Success isn't easy. Success rarely, if ever, comes overnight. Success is not ordinary!  Not a rosie picture is it?  I say YES... It IS a rosie picture.  Think about it, 90-95% of your colleagues will not face this reality.  They will continue looking for the elevator.  They will keep looking for a 'break' or a chance at 'luck'.  That's right, most of your colleagues will keep on looking for the elevator, hoping to capture lightening in a bottle.

You on the other hand, now posses the knowledge that Success isn't easy, Success rarely comes overnight, and Success is not ordinary! This is powerful knowledge! It leads you away from the crowd that is looking for the elevator.  Now you have begun to differentiated yourself from the ordinary. You now understand that becoming successful requires us to do the things that are not easy, to do the things that people will not ordinarily do.

Today is a BIG day long the path to the progressive achievement of your Highest Potential.  Today you came to realize that success comes from taking little steps. Today, you decided to take the first step; to stop looking for the elevator. Today you reintroduced yourself to works like - self-discipline, self-control, persistence, determination and focus on the end goal.

Today you came to realize that - There are no elevators to success... I must take the stairs!

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