Sunday, April 1, 2012

Zig-Zag-Zoom / Part I; WHO, before What...

This week I found Great inspiration from a friend who is actively pursuing her Highest Potential, through the start-up of her own business.  During our phone conversation, she reveled to me that, she is pursuing this business start-up having never stepped into a business class while she was a college student.   Laughingly, I asked if she understood the term "huevos grande".  On a more serious note, business-for-self is not a laughing matter.  At times we find it difficult, but in most cases it is not impossible...

For today's College Grad, the traditional job market remains difficult to penetrate. In this environment, I am finding more and more of my college-aged friends faced with taking the plunge into business ownership. A comforting fact here is, there is a trainable and repeatable course of action to follow. This course of action greatly improves your potential to succeed. In order to cover this I will need to break this blog post into three parts:
       - Zig / Part I;  WHO, before What...
       - Zag / Part II;  WHAT, before How!
       - Zoom / Part III; HOW, Staying out of the Weeds.

So let's go over a few WHO details to help tip the success odds in your favor...
  • On the path to claiming your Highest Potential, we know that the journey begins with a single step. It never hurts to load that first single step, filled with faith.  Faith is rooted in knowing that you ARE doing the right thing, for the right reasons. I often resolve myself to understanding that the universe has reveled to me an opportunity of need, I have accepted the opportunity to fill the need, and in this vein the universe will not allow me to fail.
  • Balance;  guides your Attitude and Actions. The pursuit of your Highest Potential will require tremendous balance.   Avoid thinking of balance as an old-school, play-ground teeter-totter. Balance is more like a tripod. Think camera tripod... with three adjustable legs.  Rarely, have I seen a tripod tip over.  On your tripod, each leg has a name and each leg serves a specific purpose. The legs of your tripod are named;  Mental Growth, Physical Growth, and Spiritual Growth.  The tripod concept serves to maintain your balance in all terrain. It works like this - what you cannot understand Mentally, gains clarity Physically and Spiritually  -  what you cannot comprehend Physically, will appear  Mentally and Spiritually  -  what remains hidden from you Spiritually, will gain consciousness Physically and Mentally. 
  • As you work to uncover your Business-for-self potential, you will need to arm yourself with watch words such as Focus, Determination, Attention-to-Detail, Patience, and Action.  Why are these watch words so important?  They are important because, Your values will always serve as the foundation for everything that you do. Staying with-in your values allows you the freedom to step on the accelerator while maintaining your balance.  Outside your values, you lose balance - increasing the potential of having to hit the brakes, stopping, backing-up, or killing the motor all together!
  • In the physical world we know that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.  This principle holds true for the self-employed world also.  Often we are inclined to CHARGE straight forward. CHARGING forward is an entrepreneurial requirement, but you must use caution. When CHARGING too hard, we may deplete our resources too rapidly as well as  bulldoze over others. Bulldozing increases in the odds of crashing and burning, and we may lose the love and respect of those who mean the most to us. 
Keeping these fundamentals in place and before you, not only assures your footing, but they also serve as the turning point as you move from Zig, and set-up to Zag. In Part II; WHAT, before How, we will come to understand that Zig-Zagging is a deliberate process. Trainable and repeatable, this process will allow to you attain smaller goals first, while collecting data; which is used to correct and modify your course.

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