Monday, May 21, 2012

Pursuit... Your Divine Right-

Yes, It is Time to Choose!

- Get on the bus or, 

get left behind. 

If you miss this bus it will be more of the same; missed economic opportunities, hopelessness amid aimless wondering. Your job is to catch this bus! In the next few paragraphs we will buy you a ticket and find you a seat.

So let's establish the fundamentals to assure the obtainment of your desire.  

- In its most rudimentary form Success can be defined as; the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. If a man is working towards a predetermined goal and knows what he is doing... That person is a success! If they are not doing that then they are failing.

- The opposite of courage is not cowardice.  No, the opposite of courage is conformity. It takes no courage to conform; to do the same thing as everybody else, to think like everybody else, to achieve as everybody else.  Courage begins when you decide to differentiate your life from others.  To our demise, conformity will erase achievement...

- Every human has been given the Divine right to pursuit something.  Indeed, the creator allows each of us to Have, Be or Do, anything that we desire.  It is this fact that supports our existence.  Life then becomes a mission. On this mission, we all have something to pursuit!  It then becomes our duty to un-cover our purpose... To un-cover the 'something' that we pursuit.

- Everyone in serious pursuit of a goal,  at some point in life we all uncover this truth;  Success is an inside job!  Once discovered, it is what we do with this realization that greatly improves your odds of obtaining your desire.

If it is our Divine duty in life to un-cover our 'something', our pursuit, and if success is an inside job, then we must be self equipped with the features to succeed. So what then is the missing link between have something to pursue and Obtainment?

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