Sunday, May 6, 2012

You're Gonna LOVE this...

Intention Rules the Universe-

There should be little doubt on our minds surrounding the truth of this statement. As it is The Creator's intention that all Human life attain their Highest Potential; The Creator has placed every living creature, at the footsteps of mankind. In a spirit of attainment, The Creator then embellishes mankind with the greatest of all gifts... Freedom of Choice. Indeed, it is the intention of The Creator, that Humankind be given the Choice to Have, Be or Do, Anything that He/She Desires.

Anything?  ANYTHING!!!   -  Pretty Remarkable!!  Don’t You Agree?
  Don’t you just LOVE it????   ---   Anything!... -  Your Choice...  -  Think BIG!!

Support of this fundamental, comes through the Natural Laws of Physics and MetaPhysics... Newton’s Laws of Action / Reaction, Cause and Effect, Motion and Equilibrium; Einstein’s Relativity, even the natural Law of Attraction.

In a simplified format, the Law of Attraction simply states that;

  • We Attract to us, that which we think about.

WAIT... This is Powerful stuff... Let me read this again  ------    Ok.  

Think about what is being said here. Thoughts of Opulence and Abundance, yields Opulence and Abundance. Conversely, thoughts of Doom and Despair, can only yield the same. Thoughts of Spirituality, increase your attainment of a life of Spirituality. Thoughts of Destruction, increase your attainment of a life of Destruction.

The Law of Attraction is not a feel good principle. It is ‘ON’ - 24/7/365... Like gravity. It is available for your use from your first breath, until your last breath. If you fully understand this You begin to realize; the value of the things that you think and say, and the POWERFUL consequences of Negative self-talk.

You WILL become what you Think about  -  Suddenly, you realize the impact of thoughts like...  Man, these jeans make me look fat... Of course I got a bad grade, I can’t believe- I am soo Stupid... It figures I’d get dumped on - I can Never find Anybody who will treat me right...  OMG, I think my throat is sore, great; now I am going to get sick.  ---   HELLO? - McFly, ya in there?  YOU MUST STOP THIS!  ---  You Become what You Think About!

WAIT... WAIT... Wait...
  • Are you saying that if I want to become the world’s best Digital Marketing resource, I can?  YES!
  • Are you saying that I can move from Buffalo, WY, to Bozeman, MT, find a family to stay with, earn a Full Ride college scholarship, find the girl of my dreams, marry her, start a new business and lead it to profitability?  YES!
Yes, I am saying that you WILL become what you think about. Oh don’t get me wrong, these things do not just start falling out of the heavens...  You’re gonna have to work to achieve them. Just recognize the work will need to be proportional to the thought. Big Thought - Big Work. Little Thought, Little Work. No Thought, No Work. But, achieving your thoughts - you CAN do that!

In the next Blog, we will uncover the rules of engagement in the development of your Highest Potential. In the meantime - Do yourself a favor... Grab a couple of Post-it notes, write this down and place the Post-its where you can see them
throughout the day... Nightstand, Bathroom Mirror, Wallet, Computer monitor, Laptop Keyboard, Smart Phone screensaver  -  Ready?  Write this Down--

I, (  your name  ), WILL receive an Abundance of ALL Good Things!   ex. I, Phil Lopez, WILL receive an Abundance of ALL Good Things!   -Attract this thought for a week!!!   Enjoy the results...  Continued SUCCESS in all that you Do.

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