Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Starting Point of All Achievment

“Daily the clock is ticking... 

The bookend of earthly life draws ever closer and the Universe continues calling Your name. Yes, You are being called to Start-Up Your Greatness. Do you have what it takes to answer the call?”

-Phillip A. Lopez

The Starting Point of All Achievement...

Years ago I read an interview of Wally "Famous" Amos. What many have always found interesting about Wally is that he virtually started with nothing! Of course we all know that at one point he built a global enterprise around 'chocolate-chip cookies'. In the interview Wally was asked, "HOW did you know where to get started?" At the time, Wally's reply caught me off guard. I figured he would weave a response filled with the requirements of great entrepreneurial skills, or the necessity to plan every detail, or the requirement to entice venture capital. But he didn't. In summary his reply was, 'I started with me! I came, one day, to the realization that I was responsible for the outcome of my life. That my achievements in life would not come from the things that I Did Have; But rather, my achievements in life would have to come from the things that I Did Not Have. That if I really wanted to do something with my life, I was going to have to be responsible to make sure that I obtained these things.'

I am convinced that what Wally was saying is, Achievement is 'an inside job'. That the starting point of all achievement begins with the person that stares back at you in the mirror! You know, the bloke you brush your teeth with every morning... Yeah, that guy!

Before we get along too far... let me ask you a very important question  --  Are you confident enough to stare into the eyes of your friend in the mirror? You will need to be! After all, the person in the mirror cannot survive without you. And you cannot survive without the person in the mirror.

So take a minute, go to the mirror... introduce yourself to that person (warts and all). Take a good look at this person. Come on take a good look! You are staring at the person who holds the keys to your share of the claim of achievement. Do you feel comfortable with what you see?  What if you discover that, this is the person who keeps imposing false self-limitations? Are you determined enough to overhaul this person?

Go ahead - Ask that person - "If they are willing to travel down the pathway of Obtainment with you." Come on, you're traveling partners... ask if that person is tough enough to carry you through the ups and downs, through the sleepless nights, to stand with you through the early snow of Fall, through the bitter cold of Winter, through the blistering heat of Summer. Ask that person... "So, how GOOD can you stand it?" -- This is the starting point!!

(An unedited excerpt from: 
SYSTEM ERROR! Abort, Retry, Ignore 

- 7 Essential Steps on

How to REBOOT the Human Operating System. 
Author: Phillip A. Lopez, ePublish: Amazon/Kindle, Available: Spring 2013)

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