Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Purpose; You CANNOT Attain...

Obtainment of your Highest Human Potential; this is your Divine Purpose!  The Obtainment of your Divine Purpose is not some‘thing’ that you can acquire/purchase; you cannot Attain this in the form of collection, you cannot touch your notion, idea, or thought of Divine Purpose. Divine Purpose is some‘thing’ we Obtain; we hold within us our Desire of Purpose in the form of notion, idea or thought. Your Highest Human Potential is the utilization of your divinely granted abilities to transform your ‘Purpose’ into its physical equivalence - to Be, Do or Have.

Divine Significance...
This transformation flows outward from within us; in exchange for life on earth we are to uncover and give our Divine Purpose. Our give is significant for the improvement of the human condition. In this way Divine Purpose transcends to incorporate the greatest potential of all understood dogma or creed. In this light of knowledge, it becomes understandable as to why your Purpose must be delivered as contribution to the completion of the universal puzzle. There are no spare pieces. Each one of us has a contribution to make in the form of Divine Purpose. In this regard, there can be no completion of the universal puzzle without your contribution, the delivery of your piece, your Purpose.
You are important! You are Divinely significant; nobody can strip this significance away from you without your consent. Your significance of purpose was handed to you Divinely. Your Highest Human Potential is Obtained through the transformation of your unique Divinely granted purpose.
Truest Source of Happiness...
This Divinely granted Purpose is the truest source of your happiness; the truest source of your significance. Your lifetime significance is not based on what you attain in life; the car you drive, the purse you carry, the suit you wear. Your happiness will not be found in a chair, in an office up top on the 52nd floor. Or, in a title of professional achievement. If you continue digging in this direction, at best you will find a sense of temporary satisfaction.  At life’s end your fulfillment will not be found in a bank account, or from within a garage filled with Maserati's.
Early on, when I made the statement that the Obtainment of your Highest Potential would not be a matter of luck or the breaks, this was my source of confidence.  The requirement of luck or a break would imply that there was something you must receive in order to deliver your Divine Purpose. Instead, you are free to begin your delivery, the transformation of your Divine Purpose at any time. With no hesitations, with no permissions required. The transformation of your Divine Purpose, the Obtainment of your Highest Human Potential is given throughout your life; You are free to start at your earliest convenience.
Let me guess? - You want to know...

// Unedited excerpt: SYSTEM ERROR! Abort, Retry, Ignore - 7 Essential Steps on How to REBOOT the Human Operating System.  Author: Phillip A. Lopez  ~ Kindle/Amazon - Available Spring 2013 //

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