Monday, April 23, 2012

Zig-Zag-Zoom -Part III: HOW, Staying out of the Weeds.

   As we voyage the seas of Highest Human Potential, we sail from Port-to-Port. Our long term survival depends on our ability to continuously review the sailing maps.  The sailing maps- outline for us the things that we cannot see; the diversions and distractions; aka, The weed beds and rock formations.

  The weed beds are the distractions and inefficiencies of our day-to-day actions. The rock formations are the short-term successes that tear a hole in the hull, the short term positive results that keep us from sailing the full course we have set for ourselves.  Gaining a complete understanding of your sailing map is just as important as guarding against Pacing, or being mindful of your WHO values. The challenge is to recognize that your sailing map is just that... Individual, personal and will vary according to your profitability and objectives.

 To avoid the loss of momentum or capsizing, you need to give specific thought to your sailing map.  Your watch words should be self-discipline and self-control.  You do not want to attempt to correct your course while in the middle of your voyage, in the middle of a Port-to-Port heading.  If you get tangled in the weeds at this point, at the very least it will lead to delays; at the very worst, it could include a loss of passengers and significant cargo. In all cases, Profitability will be impacted.

  Your sailing map needs to identify the things you feel are significant to avoid. I went to a few of my seasoned entrepreneurial captains, to collect their look-out points.  Here are a few to guide you...

 - I will not get involved in a business that goes against my moral compass.

 - I will not work with people I do not enjoy.  This includes customers, vendors, or an employee.

 - I will not make or sign on a personal guarantee, on a business that I do not personally control.

 - I will not jeopardize the financial stability of my family home.

 - I will not let anyone into my circle that does not fit with my WHO values.

 Utimately, You CAN sail the Seas of Highest Potential!   Your voyage begins with a single step filled with faith.  Your WHO values establish the set of your sails and will determine the speed at which you sail from Port-to-Port.  Your Capitains log will allow you a repeat-able course of direction, allowing you to load passengers and to add needed cargo. Your sailing map will guide you to avoid the weeds and rock formations.

In this Life - You CAN, Be, Do or Have, anything that you Desire!!

I wish you continued success and clear waters!  I hope that you found this 3-Part post to be insightful and useful.

Publishers reading recommendations...
 - Bootstrap Business by Rich Christiansen and Ron E. Porter
 - The Lean Startup by Eric Ries
 - Poke the Box by Seth Godin

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