Friday, April 27, 2012

3 Steps; How to Guarantee Highest Potential

--  I was recently asked to address the graduating class for an adult based trade school. I thought you might find benefit in my message. --

Graduating Class, I wish to congratulate you!

But before I address you, I wanted to say something to your fans. 

FANS -  I am so proud of each of you!!  Your encouragement and support has turned a life around.

You see, "there is No investment you can make which will pay you so well as the effort to encourage and to support a friend."  These graduates, despite there own hard work and dedication over the past few months, have succeeded because YOU cared.  This is a powerful day –and you should applaud each other.

GRADUATES -  Tonight I want to address your future but before we go there  -let’s recap the last 12mos…

  • You woke-up one day and made an Assessment – that’s right, you took inventory of what you had in your pocket – After finding only a few pieces of pocket lint; you decided that was not good enough for you, and that you wanted a brighter future.
  • Then, You had a Thought… gee, if I could get a little education and learned a trade; I just might improve what I find in my pocket.
  • Finally, You decided to take some Action… You enrolled at NTMA and disciplined yourself enough so that tonight you could walk into this Community Center to the warm applause of your fans  - your family and friends.

- pretty simple -
wouldn't you agree?

Now, Before I ask you what you are going to do tomorrow.  I wanted to ask you;  Did you know that this pattern of;  Assessment, Thought, Action; are the very same steps that Thomas Edison took to create the light bulb?  The same steps that Henry Ford followed to mass produce automobiles, that Andrew Carnegie used to amass of fortune in wealth. Did you know that this same pattern were the same steps that Steve Jobs took to create every Apple product?

You see besides teaching you a trade,  your education at NTMA has introduced you to a NEVER Failing process. In the short time frame of 12 months, you have learned and experienced a 3-step process; guaranteed to deliver a lifetime of Highest Potential. A process so Powerful, that all you have to do is repeat it beginning tomorrow. And, if you are courageous enough to do this – You Can Be, Do or Have Anything, that you Desire.


So now, let me ask…  What are you going to do tomorrow?

Class Congratulations!!    NTMA Staff Congratulations!!    I will let you continue on with tonight’s great event.    Thank-You and Continued SUCCESS to all of you.

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