Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Unexamined Life...

"The Unexamined Life is not worth Living" ~Socrates

The Question of the day is - how well have you done on holding-up your 2012 New Year Resolutions?

In all truthfulness, I am not a big New Year Resolution kind of guy.  This may seem surprising to you, especially from a person so dedicated to Highest Human Potential, so let me explain...

It is not that I am against goal setting or more strongly, against Ambitious goal setting. To the contrary, we should all be driving towards something! And, with only one life to live, we should drive Ambitiously. This is it folks... This is your life - there is no dress rehearsal here. One performance and it is Live.

So why no New Years Resolutions? After all, the beauty of life stems from the resolution that we Can - Have, Be or Do, Anything that we Desire. 

No New Year Resolutions is just a personal choice, for me.  I wake-up everyday, I am filled with gratitude that I am able to wake rested; I slide my foot under the covers to feel that my loving wife is still laying next to me, throw back the covers and I start charging. For me, I choose to see everyday as a start to a New Year.  If you take a look around you there are many who share this ambitious opportunity.

My wife, Janice and I, just finished our 2012 holiday with a 16-day tour starting in Paris - headed south into Italy - and back out through Paris. Along the way, I was fortunate enough to run-across some amazing individuals... living some pretty amazing (and ambitious) Live Performances. And they did not wait for the changing of a calendar to get started...

Most memorable was my airport shuttle driver, Samuel. Samuel woke-up one morning and decided the time had come - it was time for him to leave everything he had and everyone he loved. He had enough of a war torn life in Ethiopia. He decided on that day, that he would change his dedication and direction. He could only think of one place to turn, America!  He shared with me the fire that continues to burn within him; the fire that freedom brings!

Easy? I never heard this word cross Samuel's lips in the 50-minute conversation that we shared. After 15 years of an uncertain life change, I did hear Grateful, Dedicated, Thankful and Loving. Loving? Yes! Samuel shared with me a story of how one day as he was walking into a grocery store near his home and he kept hearing some person shouting out his name. As the voice got closer, he turned to see a boyhood friend from his Ethiopian village. Samuel said at that moment he was filled with more love than he could hold! Thousands of miles from home, millions and millions of people between him and his village, he would run into a boyhood friend. The two men remain in constant contact, encouraging each other to believe that they CAN - that they Can do the things that they WILL to do.

Today begins your New Year! I encourage you to rise every morning with an attitude of NEW. 

Take the time to live the 'Examined' life. Think about the things that mean the most to you - celebrate them. Imagine the life that you dream to live - memorize this. Remain in resolve to attain your dream life! Renew your pursuit with the start of each new day as if, there was no tomorrow. This is your life - there is no dress rehearsal. One performance and it is Live.

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